The WKND Hair Salon

The WKND Hair Salon opened in 2013 to “create a contemporary and unique hair salon” that incorporated a broad outlook into the professional hair-styling business. The barbershop strives for uniqueness with its products and its services. Not only do we use the best products on the market but our team is the best in the city. The uniqueness of our services are much further than just a haircut, some of these include: full “EQUIPPED WITH THE CITY'S MOST EXPERIENCED BARBERS AND HAIR STYLISTS,” THE WKND IS MAKING SURE THAT YOUR HAIR IS ALWAYS READY FOR THE WEEKEND. SPECIALIZING AND HAVING EXPERT-CUTS, FADES AND LINE-UPS AS FOCAL POINTS, THE STAFF MAKES SURE EVERY CUSTOMER IS LEAVING SATISFIED.” So kick back and relax, enjoy the WKND experience.

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