About Nylut

A duo with the audacious dream of making the lives of our Communities easier — shaped by our backgrounds as darker skin Black women from the Prairies, we set forth to create a world that centred people like us. As best friends, we often lamented to each other about our experiences, some of which were daily occurrences, that made us feel excluded or as societal afterthoughts; the joke being that one day we would up and solve these things if they persisted, because we all deserve better and... alas, here we are doing it!


Adding a new layer to our ever growing relationship, we partnered to create Nylut: a directory service tailored for Black, Indigenous, and other peoples of colour (BIPOC), that connects users to service providers who possess the proper skill-sets to supply these specific hair and skin based needs and wants. Our goal is to add value to BIPOC lives by connecting them to services suited to their requirements, thereby purposing to end this exclusion one person and one click at a time.