Robin Bonner Photography

I am happiest when I am on the top of a mountain, running through a lush green forest or snuggling in bed with my little family. I am drawn to pretty things and white spaces. My favourite way to relax is by digging in the dark soil in my garden and growing food for us to eat. Ideally, with the help of my kids. Sometimes I think I was meant to live on a small island, or maybe just in my van. I prefer to live simply.My husband likes to take credit for introducing me to photography – he bought us our first DSLR when I really didn’t think we could afford it. But really, I took photography courses starting way back in high school, and then later at Art + Design School. And that was the beginning of my journey down this path.My background is in fine arts and art history, and I have worked as a graphic designer for over ten years. My interest in photography grew out of my love for my children and my desire to capture the sweet, silly, and chaotic moments of their lives. Documenting this fleeting time has become a passion for me, as I attempt to tell the story of my little family through photographs. And I hope to do the same for others.

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