Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio, Spa & Academy

Our Permanent Makeup Studio offers clients services in: • Powdered Ombre Eyebrows • Permanent Eyeliner • Luscious Lip Colors • Scar Camouflage • Areola Restoration • Skincare • Eyelash Treatments The Powder Fill Technique of Cosmetic Tattooing lasts typically up to 3x longer than the traditional 3D Hair Stroke Style or the more popular sister, Microblading. This is because the Powdered Brow Technique goes a step further and makes deep ink connections with the skin’s epidermal layer so that it binds naturally and effectively. Making for a more durable, effortless, and feathered look. Powdered Permanent Makeup is wonderful for long summer months, as it saves you time, sweaty makeup touch-ups, and messy beauty products spilling everywhere.

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