JAG Videos and Photography

I’m Jeff. A Winnipeg videographer and photographer. I’ve spent years pursuing my passion: capturing unique images and dynamic movement that work together to tell a story. I’ve shot, directed and edited videos for local and international businesses, brands, professionals, musicians and more. I’m also a portrait photographer for Numa International and World Management. My portraits and headshots are sought after by professionals in fields like law, real estate, and theatre. My work in commercial fields and in portraiture has taught me how to capture people’s emotions and to get to the heart of a thought or expression through uniquely composed images. Life is full of moments that replay in our heads and help us remember beauty, love, and meaning. Some days have more of those moments than others. When I shoot a wedding or an intimate moment in a family session, I’m constantly looking for movement and emotion that, when captured, will carry the weight of the relationships that mean the most to you. As both a videographer and photographer, I’m able to catch every glimpse and every smile in stills and video that will represent the full narrative of your wedding, your engagement, or family lifestyle session. Life is all about these simple joys and being part of telling your story is what i love most about the work I do an a daily basis.

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