Lung Liu Photography

I love weddings. I love the joy and the celebration, the profound and lasting bonds formed among people, and the exquisitely beautiful moments reflected in expressions that run the gamut of human emotions. Every wedding surprises me in how it manages to touch me in a unique way - there is always something new to be discovered.I also love photography and photographed for the pure joy of it: seeing the light, telling stories, and capturing something that could be lost in just the smallest fraction of a second. It was a way for me to connect with the world by sharing something wonderful. As my career progressed, my achievements become well recognized and I have won numerous prestigious awards and competitions such as: The Travel Photographer of the Year, The Pollux Awards, The World Photography Gala Awards, The B&W Magazine Single Image and Portfolio Contests, The Color Magazine Portfolio Contest, The Lux Awards, The World We Live In Photo Contest, The International Photography Awards, The Prix de la Photographie Paris, The London Photographic Awards, The Billboard Year in Music Moment Photo Contest, and The International Expose Your World Competition among others.All those awards were not accomplished through just technical mastery of the camera but by being genuinely interested in people and wanting to know more about them. It is accomplished by having compassion and love for whatever I saw in front of me and the photographs become incidental. The truth is, if we really care about the subjects, and place them above everything else, including the photos, then the photos will be amazing.

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