Black Rider Tattoo

Black Rider Tattoo has been serving the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood in East Vancouver since 2015.We specialize in designing clean, professional, custom tattoos. Whether you’re looking to get tattooed for the first time, or to add to your collection, our diverse artists are here to serve you. Our team works in a variety of styles including traditional, neo-traditional, illustrative realism, blackwork and abstraction. Our artists are happy to work in both colour and black & grey.Need some help designing your next tattooWe specialize in custom tattoo designs, and are always ready to tattoo either our ideas or yours!We understand the commitment that comes with every tattoo you get, and we’ll make sure your next experience is an enjoyable one.Black Rider Tattoo originated with co-owners Alison Lilly and Paul Gardiner. Today, Black Rider Tattoo has become an integral part of the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood, with an incredible team of artists, including Jesse Williams and Eric Brunning. We also have a rotation of talented guest artists.The shop’s open-concept design will make you feel comfortable and welcome. We strive to be helpful and informative, and are happy to answer whatever questions or concerns you might have.At Black Rider Tattoo, safety and cleanliness are our top priority, so you can always expect our tools and materials to be held to the highest standards. The shop uses all single use, disposable equipment. We are proud to be a leading example in sterile processes, operating in compliance with the health board of Canada.

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