Makeup Artist - Laprobeauty

Standing behind the Lead Artist in a beauty salon in Nigeria as a makeup enthusiast, I began my journey to understanding the elements of makeup.To gain more knowledge about the beauty industry, I purchased online workshops and learnt from industry professionals in all facets of Makeup. Things like colour theory, blending techniques, and facial accentuation are concepts I’m familiar with as I’ve had the opportunity to work on different skin tones, skin types and face shapes.With specializing in seamless photo ready application, my goal is to display my passion for makeup across many faces and continue to take on new clientele. My journey continues and I’m so excited to expand my skillset and share my passion with the world.Outside of makeup, I’m obsessing over my bedroom’s aesthetic appeal, designing user interfaces – just like this one, listening to contemporary jazz music, or contemplating my current major: Information systems in computer science.

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