Funhouse Tattoo

Art Godoy, artist and shop owner, along with his twin brother Steve have been pivotal influences in the world of tattooing and have pushed the realms of tattooing and machine building for the past 30 years. Art lives and operates in Vancouver, he continues to push the boundaries daily, as does a like minded talented crew! Funhouse is a prime example of boundless creativity, when you stop following trends and commit to thinking outside the box of mediocrity. Stop swimming in the collective sludge pond. This is how you create a good reputation!Reputation is everything! It has to be maintained it has to become standard. My name is Art Godoy, I started this shop in 1998 here in Vancouver with the idea to offer the client tattooing that most shops would consider 'impossible' to do, offering finest lines and detail, and still to this day that's what we offer. I have a long history in this business (since 1985) along with my twin. We were pro skateboarders accredited with the marriage of the skateboarding and tattooing lifestyles, We hold 5 international patents on tattoo technology, have written an industry text book which was translated into 6 languages and have done seminars on it all over the world, we have tattooed exclusively Julia Gnuse, the Guiness Book of World Records' most tattooed woman EXCLUSIVELY, we have appeared on Guiness prime time, You Asked for it, Pro Sieben (German TV), Larry King Live and been asked to interview for LA Ink, Miami Ink, New York Ink and a Cover up show… and more as well as magazines such as: Skin and Ink, Inked Australia, Tattoo, Tattoo Gallery, Rolling Stone, Thrasher.. and many more. I understand reputation so I don't hire substandard artists.At Funhouse, we maintain this reputation. We uphold strictest industry health compliant methods. All artists have certifications in blood borne pathogens training, and artistically, the sky's the limit. In this ego driven industry where image takes a back seat to education, we still believe tattooing to be a client service job. The client is the most important ingredient in our mix. Our comfortable atmosphere, good humor and artistic competence puts us at the top.Our international cast of artists are well versed in ALL styles. No Egos, no attitudes. We will work with you to get you better than what you could have envisioned.

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