One Eighty Salon

Established in 2005 as Bliss Beauty Bar, we have grown with the flow of the Champlain & Killarney Community and have evolved into One Eighty Salon. This new salon name is reflective of our growth and is more inclusive of our clientele which consists of all members of several generations of families within the neighborhood. Additionally, 180 happens to be our unit address in Champlain Square so you can easily find us! Our new service menu also introduces gender neutral hair care pricing based on length and texture of each individual.We continue to strive to bring quality service experience with the same amazing team. We are rooted in the belief that salon services shouldn't be considered an indulgence but rather an important part of good health and body care. Our pricing remains competitive to allow everyone access to our services. Proper hair, nail, and skin care is not only beneficial for physical well being but also is an important contributor to good mental health, looking good always feels great!

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