Simply Skin

Dr. Ravi Dhanoa is the Medical Director of Simply Skin. He is a British-trained Physician who has been practicing medicine in British Columbia for the past 10 years. He has extensive experience in injection procedures, having worked with chronic pain patients as the Director of the MuscleMD Clinic for the past 5 years. As part of his work providing injection treatments for chronic pain, he trained in the use of Botox for therapeutic and cosmetic procedures. This piqued his interest in the world of cosmetic Botox. As he learned more about the world of cosmetic medicine, one thing stood out the most. Many people who were looking for just a little Botox treatment often ended up paying for lots of extra procedures and products that they did not initially want or need. All too often they were given too many units of Botox which was not only unnecessary but also excessively expensive. It was this frustration with what he was seeing that lead him to open Simply Skin. Since opening the clinic, he has provided minimalist Botox treatment to people from all walks of life, maintaining a natural, understated look.

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