Changes Salon & Spa

Changes was a staycation sanctuary and unique retreat housing hair, nails, massage,

No competitors You mentioned that there is competition on 8th Street. There is no other salon or spa in Saskatoon that compares to what Changes Salon & Spa has to offer under one roof.

There are salons that offer pedicures and manicures there are salons that offer haircuts and colours there are clinics that offer laser, there are places on Broadway that do tattoos and piercings, but none that offers everything in one location. We even offer services for couples. Changes is large enough to hold events such as wedding parties, engagement showers, baby showers, book club nights etc. Successful events such as a ladies’ night and a men’s night were held in the past.

Changes Salon & Spa is unique in what it has to offer, plus being conveniently open seven days a week.

Just recently Changes has started to work with a Medical Esthetician where we will be able to expand into Botox and provide 50 different types of facials according to skin type and condition.

This will include basic facials to super advanced facials such as derma-planning, derma express facial, derma-needling, hydra facials, BB glow treatment, galvanic facial and fruit facial to name a few.

Adding to this one stop shopping for all the client’s needs are our Laser treatments and Vela Shape treatments.

Laser treatments are non-evasive treatments which complement the facial skin care line that is offered.

LAZERS are becoming more and more popular if you have fine lines-and wrinkles.

Vela Shape treatments which reduce cellulite goes hand in hand with the laser treatments offered.

There is no one place with the exception of Changes Salon and Spa that you can go and have a spa day where you can pick any combination of services you would like and not have to leave the building.




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    Angela Hanley

    • 1 reviews
    • Sep 19, 2022

    Horrifying Experience

    I got my nails done at Changes Spa in July 2022 and the owner, who was very friendly, chatted with me and suggested that I do something with my very long blond hair. She suggested a body wave and low lights to add a darker contrast in my very blond hair. I was so excited about a new change so I booked a hair appointment for August 16th 2022. My hair stylist was Chiara who was friendly enough. For the body wave she used small perm rods and instead of giving me low light (streaks) she just dyed the roots of my hair. I showed her and the owner, Carolyne, a picture of what I wanted and I kept showing this to the stylist as I was starting to get concerned. Last came the haircut and she chopped all of my long hair (half way down my back) off as short as above chin level. It will take me years to grow it back. The perm was so tight that it's just frizz. The dye she put on my root area turned out orange in colour. The hair was chemically burned so broken right down to the roots. When I run my hand through it, it feels like a man's stubbly 5'oclock shadow. I contacted the owner, Carolyne, the next day and cried on the phone to her. I asked for my money back as I paid almost $300 for the hair services. She refused to give me my money back.. She did offer to do a treatment on it as she said it would fix the frizz. The next day she gave me a conditioning treatment and tried to fix my uneven bangs. She did give me free of charge two hair products to help with the damage. She could do nothing for my orange roots. She did acknowledge that my hair was very short. still, she refused to return my money to me. The damage to my hair is so extreme that I bought a wig and wear it every day now

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