Mariah Millie Photography

I’m Mariah Millie, a Vancouver & Fraser Valley wedding and family photographer who lives for capturing those beautiful in-between moments. I'd love to preserve that time when you two are laughing but nobody else knows why; or when you whisper a secret to the other’s ear. If my photos can take you back in time and relive those intimate memories as the years pass by, I’ve done my job. I’m here to make you feel comfortable and supported. I’ll lend my expertise, but also an ear and keep things light & fun when you need it. Let’s laugh, let’s enjoy, and then let’s preserve it—so you can enjoy it all over again. If you haven’t met me yet, I’m excited to meet you. Tell me about yourselves. No story or moments are off the table. WHAT INSPIRES MEMY FAV THINGS BEHIND THE LENSI love exploring. They don’t have to be big adventures—small ones will do too. Whether it’s going for walks with my little family & our pup in a different neighbourhood, trying out a new restaurant, taking on home renos, or running off to Thailand for a month — it's these things that light up my life. But it's not always the big things, it's more about the small mundane things for me. Sitting at home watching tv with my boys (Yes, I've most likely seen that series), or trying out a new recipe and hoping it turns out (luckily my hubby isn't picky), or just soaking in all the snuggles and first moments with our baby boy Mazen. It's these moments that are my favourite & the ones I want to remember.And that’s the kinda approach I take to my sessions. It doesn’t have to be grandeur to be special. It's actually best when it's just you being you, or you doing something you love to do together, that makes it.So let’s adventure your way—and I promise to capture those moments you want to remember.

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