Glo Skin Bar + Dispensary

The Glo Way delivers optimal results with consistent monthly care and concentrated high-quality skincare formulas. Monthly facials improve skin health and reduce the appearance of aging by removing dead skin cells, increasing blood circulation, and providing hydration through exfoliation, high frequency, LED light, and active ingredients in treatment protocols. Our skincare packages offer 4 effective treatments based on Ten Spa’s luxury facial protocols to achieve these benefits. Glo facials are condensed and targeted. We use state-of-the-art techniques that isolate only the active parts of Ten’s Signature facials. There are 4 facials, each devised to deliver a specific result: Peel, Purge, Lift, and Glow.Every facial is performed by our expert Ten Spa-trained estheticians who will work with you to personalize your treatments for your skin type and condition.

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