ReFresh Medical Aesthetics

Hello, I am Maria, an Aesthetic Nurse (RN, BN) that essentially provides various non-surgical services to clients looking to enhance a subtle and natural looking appearance through an informed individualized treatment plan, to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.I have the foundation and experience of general medicine (Doctor of Medicine/OB-GYN) for 16 years in the Philippines and I am currently working as a nurse manager in a long term care facility for the past 13 years thus giving me the ability to fully understand skin health and how it reflects ones physical health, lifestyle choices and psychological well being.My passion for aesthetics has been my aspiration for years. I completed several medical aesthetic certifications at Martin's Training Centre Medical Aesthetics and in one of North America's most respected aesthetic school with instructors that are experts in their respective fields. I always push myself to continuously learn and keep up to date on the medical aesthetics latest innovations. I have my medical director, Dr. Jocelyn Sanchez that I work with.I always strive in carrying out what is the best for my clients and I'm not only passionate about skin and beauty, but also have a genuine desire and dedication to help people feel confident about themselves.

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