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My name is Sasha, I am a Loctician and the owner and operator of LocsBySash; I start, maintain and style Locs. Dreadlocks are and will always remain my first love. When it comes to hair, especially Black hair, this is a fairly intimate relationship for me. Not only do I appreciate our hair as Black people, but I love being trusted to do my best for our hair and to be creative while doing so. These appointments become our shared histories in play.

While options for Black hair have expanded now, there were not many options for Locs when I started as a Loctician. This was the driving force that led me to training myself as a Loctician and using my now acquired prowess to bring an income home to my children and I.

Starting and running a business is difficult, I’m well aware of that but I want to take this opportunity to encourage anybody starting out to go for it, whatever it is that you’d like to do, just go for it! If it’s your passion, that is even better, GO FOR IT! Watch and learn, ask questions, and most importantly register your name! It only cost me $50 and one can do it by themself. Research everything that you plan to go into. You don’t have to broadcast your ideas but you should definitely study them well, study each idea in depth.

When I started I was a little timid at first and looking back I wish I pushed myself more, please, come out in full force!! No plan is too big and no idea is too small, you can do it all! For now, I am working on bringing more products to keep Regina’s Black hair looking awesome. For my long term goals, I envision myself in a bigger space with many more services for us, by us.

As I come to the end, I’d like to leave you with some advice: DEEP CONDITION AND DETOX YOUR HAIR at least once every three months or so. If you have Locs, detox your hair every 6 months and you will see a massive noticeable difference.


Aunty Sasha

March 30, 2022 | Nylut Team